DOOYEWEERD: Intuitive experience of temporal reality as my own.

Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Lady with an Ermine’ (1489-1490)

“In the composure of my pre-theoretical intuition I have an immediate enstatic [‘standing within’] experience of temporal reality as my own in my thought. In pre-theoretical thought our I-ness enters enstatically by means of its naive [‘immediate integral’] intuition into the cosmic temporal coherence of experience.

“[…] Only humans can have cosmic and cosmological self-consciousness because only the human cosmic temporal structure is founded in an individu­al religious [ultimate] root transcending time, viz. the human selfhood. Only this selfhood is able to enter into the temporal cosmos by means of human intuition of time and to set apart and combine the modal aspects in theoretical thought. In contrast with those creatures that have no self-consciousness and are ex-statically absorbed by their temporal existence, human selfhood is able to enter enstatically into the coherence of cosmic time.

We have approached intuition as the temporal bottom layer of the analytical function which it exceeds. This implies that we must reject any attempt to detach intuition from the analytical aspect and to contrast it to analytical thought as a mysterious metaphysical faculty.”

(Herman Dooyeweerd, ‘A New Critique of Theoretical Thought‘ Vol 2, p 479, 480)


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