DOOYEWEERD: The Unfathomable Silence of the Sphinx, Soap-bubble Reality…

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“The cosmic order passes an internal judgment on the theoretical absolutizations of immanence-philosophy which invariably result in internal antinomies.

[NOTE: “immanence-philosophy” = philosophy which seeks to ground all of reality in one relative aspect (thus yielding an “-ism”)]

We cannot interpret the Divine order on the basis of a self-sufficient and autonomous reason. Apart from the Divine Word-revelation, this order maintains the unfathomable silence of the Sphinx.

[…] If apostate [God-rejecting] faith gains the functional guidance in the [historical-cultural] opening-process, the subjection of the latter to the Divine world-order is not thereby cancelled. The Creator of Heaven and Earth maintains the functional-structural law-conformity in the disclosure of the temporal modal aspects against any human arbitrariness.

If the Divine order in the temporal cosmos were not kept intact and elevated above any kind of human hubris, the manifestation of sin in time would not even be possible. For the whole of temporal reality would then burst like a soap-bubble.

[…] The formal abolishing of paternal authority by the first wave of the French Revolution was one of the many ‘paper decrees’ which, as an expression of human hubris, were swept away by what is very inadequately termed the logic of the facts. By setting aside the normative principles of law, morality, or culture, human arbitrariness can create a social chaos; it cannot create juridical, moral or historical norms in this way.

The human work of [cultural] formation remains unshakably bound to the Divine structural principles of the normative law-spheres.”

Herman Dooyeweerd: ‘A New Critique of Theoretical Thought’, Vol II, pp 331-337

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