DOOYEWEERD: Calvin, Decalogue, Cosmic law.

‘Falkirk Wheel’ (Image copyright: F. MacFhionnlaigh)

“Christ has freed us from the ‘law of sin’ and from the Jewish ceremonial law. But the cosmic law, in its religious [ultimate] fulness and temporal diversity of meaning, is not a burdensome yoke imposed upon us because of sin, but it is a blessing in Christ. Without its determination and limitation, the subject would sink away into chaos. Therefore, Calvin recognized the intrinsic subjection of the Christian to the decalogue, and did not see any intrinsic antinomy between the central commandment of love as the religious [ultimate] root of God’s ordinances, and the juridical or economic law-spheres, or the inner structural law of the state.”


(Herman Dooyeweerd, A New Critique of Theoretical Thought, Volume 1, page 518.)

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